Bug Sweeps

Physical Sweeps

A physical search for unauthorized eavesdropping devices such as tape recorders, devices attached to phones, phone wall plates, computers, desks, conference tables, picture frames, ceiling, and others.

Frequency Sweeps

We use spectrum analyzers and frequency receivers to detect and locate transmitting devices up to 24GHz.  We can Detected Audio Frequency AF (100 Hz to 15 kHz), Very Low Frequency VLF (10 kHz to 1 MHz), and Radio Frequency RF (50 kHz to 24 GHz).   Our equipment will detect analog, digital, spread spectrum, infrared devices, and wireless microwave components.

Thermal Imaging

We use the latest thermal imaging technology to detect and locate transmitting devices, locate and identify hidden and covert audio and video devices.

We Found

- Wireless Hidden Cameras

- Hard Wired Cameras

- Working Electrical Plus with Bugs

- Wireless Eavesdropping Devices

- Wired Eavesdropping Devices

- Phone Bugs

- Microphones and Audio Amplifiers

- Wireless Video Amplifiers

- Audio and Video Recorders

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