Bug Sweep Equipment

Spectrum Analyzers


Spectrum analyzers are designed for a wide spectrum of applications to detect illicit eavesdropping signals, perform site surveys for communication systems, conduct radio frequency (RF) emissions analysis, and investigate misuse of the RF spectrum.


Non-Linear Junction Detectors


Non-Linear Junction Detector with 2.4 GHz transmit frequency detects the presence of electronics (cell phones, eavesdropping devices, transmitters, circuitry...) regardless of whether the device is radiating, hard wired, or even turned off.


Broadband Detectors


Broadband detectors are designed to detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices including room, phone, body bugs, video transmitters, and tape recorders.

Telephone Analyzers


Telephone and Line Analyzers provides a complete integrated suite of tools to analyze, inspect, and test digital telephone lines (and other wiring) for taps and other eavesdropping devices.


Thermal Imagers


Thermal imaging cameras and systems accurately measure temperature and operate by using reliable infrared technology. These high-tech instruments can precisely determine the object temperature and the temperature distribution even on small and fast moving objects.

Time Domain Reflectometers


Time Domain Reflectometers locate faults in twisted pair and coaxial cables in a variety of applications and industries.  .


Portable Digital X-Ray System Potable Digital X-Ray Systems are designed to search for spy cameras and hidden microphones The system can reveal the contents of parcels, baggage, boxes and crates, dry wall, and many others

Forensic 3D



Forensic 3D Scanners enable fast, straightforward, and accurate measurements of objects and buildings.  They record architectural façades, complex structures, production and supply facilities, accident sites, and large-volume components.


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