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We used the latest technology in bug sweeps and electronic device detection.  We use thermal imaging, radio frequency (RF) detection, very low frequency (VLF) detection, and Audio Frequency (AF) Detection.  All of the equipments we use for bug sweeps are government and military grade devices.  With over a million dollars in bug detection equipment, we are confident we will find any and all video and audio hidden devices in your home or business.

We Provide

About Us

We are the world's leading bug sweep experts with over 70 years of combined experience.  We use cutting edge, state of the art equipment to find any bugs, microphone, spy cameras, and other devices.  Our services include a full scale inspection that is guaranteed to find any audio and video devices in your home or business.

Licensed and Experienced Professionals


Licensed and experienced investigators perform the sweeps.  Our investigators are licensed at the state, federal, and international level, and they are certified by the manufacturers of the sweeping equipments we use.  Our Bug Sweep services are guaranteed to find all hidden cameras, microphone, and bugs in your premises.

Court Admissible Evidence


Our services do not only include the bug sweeps, but they also include finding the people responsible for planting them on the first place.  We provide high quality court admissible evidence that can make all the difference in establishing guilt and/or liability in civil and criminal proceedings.



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